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Thanatos & Eros Online.

Have you ever stood at the edge of the train tracks and thought about jumping for no reason? or pushing someone else onto the tracks? The instinct to run towards death was explored by Freud in Beyond the Pleasure principle, where he proposed that “the goal of all life is death.” the Death Instinct, or … Continue reading Thanatos & Eros Online.


Feathers Left : Adam Selman SS18 Middle : Nina Ricci SS18 ready-to-wear Right : Saks Pott (Copenhagen based brand) shop them on here :   Polka Dots  top left : A.W.A.K.E. , shop here Middle top and bottom left : Palomo Spain SS18 Paris Fashion Week top right : bottom right : Bold Silks  Left : Nobody's child £25 … Continue reading SS18 TRENDS

Cultural Appropriation: another perspective.

What is the goal of our society with regards to race and culture? I like to believe we are ultimately striving to achieve a society where everyone, no matter where your born, how much you're born with, or what gender, sexual orientation or race you're born with, has the same opportunities at life. The path … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation: another perspective.

Cultural Appropriation : but why the controversy?

What is cultural Appropriation ? Cultural appropriation is when elements of a minority culture are exploited, most commonly for white benefit. It involves taking traditional practises and artefacts without permission. History  Cultural appropriation has its roots in colonialism and orientalism, where powers extracted booty from the East and Africa. For example, flee markets and world … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation : but why the controversy?