Los Angeles – thought and photo stream

Walking around downtown, seeing all the architecture. Every one is new, and therefore in harmony unlike London or Edinburgh with a richer history and more eclectic architecture. Each one thinks about light in a way English buildings don’t, or don’t have to. Framing is at the heart of everything, cut outs, arches, walkways, all of them considering what’s around them – whether it’s another building, a water feature, the Hollywood hills, or just blue sky. They are very much on display, and are hyper aware of looking practise. But thats LA, everyone’s obsessed with seeing and being seen. The architecture, the streets, the palm trees in a row, the Mickey mouse man on Hollywood boulevard, they all pimp out LA to you. On sale and selling. All the time.



Because it’s so new it doesn’t feel like its really real. You walk around a plaza, elevated from the highway, lined with succulents and starbucks; and it feels like you’re still in the digital rendering of the plan. The buildings don’t feel really there, or rooted in the ground. You push them and they’ll fall flat. If you were to fall asleep, and suddenly wake up in a city that was built over night just to fuck with you , it would feel like LA..

You’re supposed to be young there, but no one wants you to stay there once your flavours gone.

My dad said it feels like you’re in an indoor carpark. 






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