LookBOOK : On the Road

LookBOOK is a series inspired by iconic novels, creating a template of recommended further reading, listening, watching, and wearing, aiming to capture a literary style.

On The Road By Jack Kerouac 


This book has since become the Beat bible, describing Kerouac’s travels across america. It both captures a dazzling solitude, and youthful introspection, as well as the hectic jazz and drug fuelled social whirl of counterculture 50s America.


(besides other works by Kerouac )

Howl by Allen Ginsberg :


Round About Midnight by Bob Kaufman :


Stories in the Stars : An Atlas of Constellations by Susanna Hislop

very off piste, but On the Road made me very nostalgic about star gazing, something about the expansive, visceral descriptions of the landscape. If you found this also, this is a really beautiful book.




Rat & Boa Athena Dresshttps://www.ratandboa.com/collections/all/products/athena

White Linen Trousers, heres some from COS https://www.cosstores.com/it/Women/Trousers/Cotton-linen_trousers/46887-64810467.1#c-22755

‘Hobo Bag’ Balenciaga https://www.brownsfashion.com/uk/shopping/medium-burgundy-leather-air-hobo-tote-bag-11990070


Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen

A beautiful album of Kerouac reading poetry over Allen’s hypnotic piano , available on spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/36ssuNyA1f1OluMbZcsaRz

Better Git It in Your Soul by Charles Mingus

After All by Duke Ellington

___45___ by Bon Iver

Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers

God Bless America by Lana Del Ray

Clay Pigeons by Blaze Foley


Bagdad Cafe : film about a German woman who comes to work in a motel in the middle of nowhere


The Motorcycle Diaries : film. two friends travel on motorcycle from Brazil to Peru.

Ed Ruscha : Artist. Though not in the same time frame, Ruscha depicts very Americana themes.






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